Government of India : Ban RAPE !

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Dear Prime minister Modi ji,

As I was home today from work, I was playing with my 3 year old daughter and heard this news where a women was raped by three men in an auto, and when her daughter started crying, the 9 month old was thrown out of the auto, which resulted in the death of the new born. I am in absolute horror and and cannot even imagine what the women must be going through right now, but as a father, a husband, a son and a brother, I am hurt that am not able to protect the very women who gave me my identity. 

I am worried for my daughter, I am worried for my sister, I am worried for our future generations. My company submitted over 40 lacs INR of income tax to the government and over 2 crores in service tax and TDS last year. I don't expect better roads, better facilities and better governance anymore as I know the voice will fall on deaf ears, We will make those changes ourselves. 

But we cannot take laws in our hands sir, It is a plea to do something about the growing horror. We need assurance on your promise of prioritising women safety In India which you made when you fought the general election. So far, We've been disappointed. 

The laws must change before the people take them in their own hands. Death penalty to all who commit rape on women/children. 

Cameras on every streets to monitor all the incidents and compensation of at-least 20 lac INR to the victim or their family members. 

I am ashamed while writing this, I hope people feel ashamed while reading this. It's a collective failure and we must take responsibility !