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Give tax rebate for (1) those planting trees on their land (2) parents having one child

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People who own land and choose to plant trees on that land, actually benefit the  community, birds and nature in that area. There is no need for me to enumerate the advantages of planting trees as everyone knows the benefits accruing from that activity.

If the government rewards people with tax benefits for planting trees on their own land, it sends a positive message to the society. The tax exemption can be designed as a function of the number of trees that a person has on his property and the age of those trees viz a viz the scientific benefit in monetary terms being generated from those trees.

Similarly, if a family has only one child or if someone is single and chooses to remain single, it is also a very patriotic stance towards controlling population. For people who have no children the government can have 100% income tax exemption upto a certain level, for example 20 lakhs per annum.  For those with one child they can be given some incentive too.

Government to make clear that the reservation quotas would not apply to multiple offspring from the same family. That would be unfair to other families with fewer offspring.As we have to deal with the scrounge of reservations and everyone vying for those limited quotas, let those reservation entitlements apply to one person from each family.

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