Free Universal Healthcare for all

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I am a concerned citizen who pay taxes to the state; regardless of how much compromises I make on a daily basis in my personal life. I believe it is needed for larger good; rather than it being a legal requirement. I am pained to see all the mis-utilisation that happens with the funds so collected. I don't feel like paying taxes any longer unless you plug the leaks and loot of tax-payers money. As Prime Minister (Pradhan Sewak) you have a fiduciary relationship to safeguard the funds so collected and apply them for public welfare. I don't doubt your integrity, honesty and ability to bring about change. The least I am expecting this time is make health care of all citizens the first priority. We can defer funding the banks who are conniving with fraudsters, stop buying more arms and providing security to criminal politicians for whom I get stuck in traffic jams to make way for them, and delay building more public infrastucture; only to be set ablaze by rioters for whatever funny reasons. All other misappropriation as well as subsidies can wait for another day. Please make Universal Healthcare Free for all regardless of social strata. I can no longer see people dying because of lack of resources and whatever little I want to contribute to society being wasted in front of my eyes!