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Forced Relegious Conversion-Make it 'A Non Bailable Offence'.

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Large Scale Relegious Conversions Using Non Ethical Means is Highly Prevalant in India and More of the Victims are From the Rural Belts of the Majority Community Which is the Hindus. A large number of Professiinally Organized World Forces well funded by International Organisations are indulging in rampant Conversion with an Intent to Change the Relegious Demographics which in Turn Destroys our entire Culture and Relegious Identity. The North Eastern Tribal Majority States of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya  is already converted and 98% Christian Today....Thereby An Entire Culture Which Existed for Thousands of Years, Beinf All Together Wiped out are Typical Examples of Where India is heading to. The Case is No diffrent in other parts of the Country, Kerala is fast slipping to below 50% , Southern Districts like Kanyakumari are already Converted... Hindus who were Majority at 75% levels few years back are Minority Today, the District is 70+ Percentage Christian...Is this all Voluntary , Hard to Believe isn't it, And the Forces and Funding Behind the Kudunkulam Nuclear Power Plant  Agitations  in such Huge Volumes with Religious Organisations Suspected to be involved seems to have an Clear Anti- National - Anti Development Agenda, If we don't act now, When?

Nepal has Brought in This Law( )....India should Have Brought it In Much Earlier, Better Late Than Never...Act Now, Sign This Petition to the Honourable President of India, The Chief Justice of The Supreme Court and To The Prime Minister of India....Make Forced Conversion Non Bailable with Immediate Effect. 

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