Focus on research in Homeopathy in COVID-19

Focus on research in Homeopathy in COVID-19

6 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

With the second wave of COVID-19 (caused by SARS-CoV-2) creating havoc in the country, non-availability of allopathic drugs, their black marketing, and still the efficacy unknown, it's imperative that Homeopathy gets its well-deserved attention. Even if the adults are vaccinated, the third wave can devastate the children and adolescents, as they will be the most vulnerable to the third wave.

Homeopathic medicines are safer, extremely cost-effective, and have been found effective in the COVID-19 pandemic. Anecdotal evidence is not credible, hence research is warranted urgently in the system of medicine. With double-blind, peer-reviewed controlled clinical trials (which are possible even with the homeopathic way of individualized treatment), homeopathy stands a golden chance to prove its efficacy in the following areas in the context of COVID-19.

1. Prevention/prophylaxis, slowing the spread

2. Management of the symptoms of acute disease

3. Management of complications

4. Management of emotional distress and psychological illness during, before, and after the infection (Eg. Depression, anxiety, acute stress disorder, and later PTSD)

5. Caregiver stress and burnout

6. Reduction of the required dose of mainstream medicine

7. Reduction of frequency, intensity, and duration of repeat infections

8. Mechanism of action in vitro and in vivo

9. Enhancement of action of current drugs.

10. Prophylaxis and management in children and adolescents

It's time we all take this up and get ready for the third wave, and not be caught off-guard as if we didn't know it would happen. The research must be conducted by practitioners from all over the world, by offering them basic training in research and not just by the influential homeopaths who can be biased. 

Dr Shishir Palsapure MD (Hom) MSc (Psy) is a homeopath, psychotherapist, international trainer, and supervisor for mental health professionals. Please sign the petition and make a difference. Don't let this time go. 

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Signatures: 95Next Goal: 100
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