Lopsided and Chaotic Development vs Better Quaility of life

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India is one of the fastest growing economies. But, is it making the lives of 132 crore happier? To keep it simple , we can divide india into Urban and Rural areas. Neither of them are happy.

Urban areas: Over crowded. Industrial pollution. Vehicular pollution. Water shortage. Traffic jams. Damaged roads. Rain water flooding. Increasing unemployment, crime and violence. No greenary and temperatures increasing  every year. Costly houses, hospitals, schools etc. Most of the problems are because of uncontrolled growth, and Demand Supply gap. Sufficient incomes but miserable quality of life.

Rural areas: Very poor or no  infrastructure of Schools, Hospitals. Unemployment. Inadequate agricultural  income due to uneven rains, floods, lack of adequate support price.

I request the goverment to put a Ceiling  on the Population density in Cities/towns/villages. Once the density crosses certain limit, prohibit construction of new multistoried residential/commercial complexes/offices/industries/Hotels etc.

Government should provide incentives for constructing all the above things,  in nearby small towns/villages. Provide connecting  roads to these towns/villages.

Restriction in Cities and incentives in towns/villages, only when both concepts are implemented, slowly all towns/villages shall develop and Cities will become more livable. 

Once we start , it will be a chain reaction of equitable development . Cities will have less crowd,  pollution, more breathing space, less traffic jams, roads in better condition, adequate water source, adequate employment, less violence. Towns/Villages will have development , employment and adequate income. This will  lead to better quality of life in both Urban and Rural areas.

Otherwise, inspite of economic growth , the majority common man  in Cities/towns/villages, shall continue to live in miserable conditions.

This idea doesnt need much money, it just needs Will power of Public , Politicians, and Beurocrats . 

Lets mobilise Public opinion for this and influence the Prime minister and the Government of India.