Equality and caste-less and genuine reason based reservation.

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Today in India the matter of reservation at almost all levels admissions to employment and promotion is very serious. Reservation is being given based on castes. All of us even SC/ST people know that it is a wrong practice and is nurtured by political mafia. I am not against any type of reservation, but I strongly recommend the most important relaxation like reservation should be given to only genuine people. Today the children of SC/ST,BC doctors, engineers, govt. employees and other well settled families are taking the benefit of reservation and the children who really deserve it, are nowhere. Further it creates divisions between the growing children when among two equal status friends, one get admission or job just based on his/her caste.

The matter is well known by the upper authorities but to take benefit of vote bank, they never end this bad practice.

So please sign this petition for welfare of all Indians and India. I hope one day the MODI government will come with a strong draft having reservation that will be based on genuine reasons and not on caste. It will help India to become caste free and then in real means India will have equality for all Indians.