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End to Ram Mandir/ Babri Masjid Issue - Let's move on

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It's 2017 - More than two decades since the Babri Masjid/ Disputed structure was brought down.

Over the years we have witnessed numerous riots over this issue.

Even worse, this gives our politicians a chance to make it an electoral issue and neglect the real issues that concern the 1.2 Billion people of this country, hampering the development of the nation. 

Negotiations and Judiciary have failed in solving the issue. There is hardly any hope of it being solved in the near future.

Possible solution - Let's just end it. No winner No loser.

An institution that is of use to both the religions can be built on the disputed site. Like a boarding school for the underprivileged, a cancer hospital , an old age home, a state of the art university.

We can have both a temple and a mosque, but at two different sites in Ayodhya. Let them be grand structures that attract tourists to this historic town. The construction can be funded by the government.

No religion sanctions killing fellow human beings for the creation of a place of worship.

Lets set an example for the world. Let's show them what a great civilisation we are. We can be the beacon of hope and peace in a world that is becoming intolerant by the day.

Lets not drag this issue any further. The country needs to move on. We, the people of India need to move on. 



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