Elimination of Caste Based DISCRIMINATION and caste system

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{{{{{Before reading this, please watch that 8 min video . 
Video at 5:48 A dalit boy says "If I go and sit with them, they will get up and leave. So its best not to go for LUNCH"
I cried when he said those sentences.}}}}}

CASTEISM is one of the most inhuman practices that exist in India from ages.
This should be eliminated at any cost.
We can end this caste system by stopping the caste based identification and recognition of a person.
How is a person's caste known to others?
It is through the name of that person.
Like people use Sharma, Shukla, Meena, Yadav, Kapoor, Rajput, Chauhan etc
If it is not for the name of that person, we can't identify him or recognise him with a particular caste.

So basically, if Government bans use of caste titles, then no one will know to which caste a person belongs to.
in next 2 to 3 generations , this caste system will be completely eliminated.

Its time to take up this issue seriously.
we read about caste based discrimination every day.
Even children are subjected to it..
This is enough.
Please sign the petition and help save this country of ours from such a deadly disease which has been plaguing us for centuries.

I rest my case here.