Eliminate caste system in India

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India is recording drastic progress in almost all the fields and the world is looking towards India but still the social life is backward.
The only evil responsible for this is the "Caste System" in India and it is effectinbg the society badly

This can be eliminated , or the inequality can be addressed by various steps that work in the direction of treating all humans equal.
The creation of god does not distinguish humans , hence the difference should not be created by us in the name of casteism.

Why Do this?
So that the government can plan suitable benefits and policies in line with the economic status of the people rather than caste base support or reserrvations
Treat all humans as one before law irrespective of the caste they were born in or belong to.

How to implement this?
1.Remove caste based resrvations give based on economic need basis so as to address poverty
2. Do not ask for caste in various forms for enrollment in schools and colleges
3.Base the scholarships on Income as the criteria
4.Put an end to caste based matrimony sites, encourage a single matrimony site

Personal story
Advantages of ending caste system..
1.End domestic violence as right life partner is found due to elimination of caste criteria for marriage
2.Ends dowry system as the reach to find a proper life partner increases
3.Decrease in honour killing
4. Importantly the future generations live and cherish in a world of free expression and choice

5.Use of resources can be used for progressive development purposes based on the single criteria of need of the situation