Digitalize student fees and staff salaries @ every private school & college

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To: The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India


On behalf of the 50 lakhs Teachers, Professors and non-teaching staff and several crores of students in the private educational institutions throughout this great nation, I represent their fundamental right of economic freedom before you.

Teaching fraternity and student community of this nation are suffering severe economic abuses at the hands of private education institutions. Right from delayed payment of salaries to non-payment of PF amounts, the harassments faced by private college and school teachers are enormous. Similarly students face variety of unbilled fees collected from them by their educational institutions.

I hence humbly request you to digitalise the salaries of teaching  non-teaching staff members as well as the tuition fees of students, through electronic payments and receipts at nationalized banks.

Nearly 90% of the private educational institutions do not follow proper faculty cadre ratios. Also 99% of these institutions violate UGC/government norms in staff salaries. Hence I humbly request you to digitalize the inspection methods in colleges/schools by using the yearly salary paid statement as the base to find the true appointment, employment and salary payment of a staff member by all the private educational institutions of India.

Digital India can be a reality only with common peoples’ fundamental right of salary/education fee being consciously monitored by fool-proof mechanisms to ensure their economic independence. It is also a means by which hoarding black money can be stopped, and money flow in the society can prevail. Almost half of India may be benefited by your stern decision.

The nation is expecting your needful action.


Thanking you