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Declare General Category's Salary Tax free as we don't get Reservation in any field.

As we all know caste based reservation is a curse on our country. Its not our fault that we took birth in a General Category family. We all have equal rights but due to caste based reservation we are being harassed every day in every field.

Poverty never comes to any particular caste then why reservation on the name of caste while deserved are being pushed back.

If Indian government can't stop caste based reservation then declare general category's all the salaries and income from all the sources and businesses free from income tax. If we (generals) are forced to pay extra from other castes, need to get extra marks to pass the class, offered limited seats due to our caste then you have to free us from income Tax.

This is the time to take the initiate against the issues which are dividing us the people on India on the name of caste.

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  • Prime Minister of India
    Mr. Narendra Modi
  • Finance Minister of India
    Mr. Arun Jaitley

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