Declare Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's Birthday as National Creativity Day

Declare Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's Birthday as National Creativity Day

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Prime Minister of India

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Started by Kalam Centre

Most Honorable Prime Minister of India, 


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, our missile man and 11th President of India was a stalwart in the field of science, technology and compassion who propelled Indian satellites in space, Indian missiles in skies, put India into the nuclear, played a key role in development of India's computing technologies and many more. He believed that that the "Ignited Mind of the Indian Youth, is the most Powerful Resource on the Earth, Above the Earth and Under the Earth". With this belief, he gave the Vision 2020 for India and said to the children of India - "Knowledge makes you great"

He often told young students a small poem on Creativity..  

"Learning gives creativity.
Creativity leads to thinking.
Thinking provides knowledge.
Knowledge makes you great."

Today India once again stands at a critical junction of its journey. The world today is changing more rapidly than ever expected, and the role of the youth is expected to be at the top of the knowledge and creativity chain - while the roles at the bottom are being consumed by automation and AI. The need of the hour is to unleash a wave of new ideas, disruptive enterprises and path breaking ideas to not only walk the global pace but lead it. This "creativity" is the cornerstone of the "New India" whose foundation you have so vigorously toiled for. 

But there is another side.

Despite the progresses we have made India still stands behind 56 other nations in the Global Innovation Index (GII) while nations with limited human resources such as Switzerland (1), Netherlands (2), Singapore (5) and Israel (11) are doing remarkably well. We still need to make leaps and bounds of progress in improving our education and thinking to match the global creativity and innovation needs. We need step away from being the low cost shop of the world and become the idea factory to drive the world into a sustainable clean future. 

With these thoughts, it is our humble request to you to please declare the Birthday of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 15th October, as the National Creativity Day where all students from all around India can think and design creative solution to the problems an challenges we face today. Where they are encouraged to be a participants of the New India - of Vision 2020 and beyond. 

With gratitude and humble regards, 

On behalf of millions of dedicated Kalam fans.. 

Srijan Pal Singh
Founder and CEO, Dr. Kalam Center
Former OSD, Co-author and Advisor to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
and above all.. a sincere student of Dr. Kalam 




1,134 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!