Declare All the language in the 8th schedule of Constitution as official language of India

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The language policy of the Government of India has put crores of non-Hindi speakers at a great discomfort.
The Non Hindi speaking citizen of our country has difficulties in accessing a host of services that are running by the central government.
As per the fundamental rights of citizen, equality is the major factor but a language policy that is discriminating in nature, is pricking the consciousness of every right thinking Indian. We fear that such a discriminatory language policy will end up dividing Indians speaking different languages than uniting them.   
"Unity we stand,divided we fall"
As per the right of equality, we kindly request you to declare all the 22 language as the official language of India and stop funding the process of making Hindi as a "Lingua franca".
We hope you will take action to safeguard and nurture all languages of India on par with Hindi and English. Linguistic equality will foster a greater sense of unity among Indians speaking different languages. 
Our demands:
1. Amend the Official Languages Act to include all languages present in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution and declare them as official languages of the Indian Union. 
2. Stop the current efforts by the Government Of India to push for the usage of only Hindi in its interaction with the state governments,citizens of this country and naming the schemes of central government.
We urge all Indians who believe in fairness and equality for all Indian languages to sign this petition