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Death penalty for the accused in the rape case of 11 month old baby

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the inhuman way two men raped a n 11 month old baby girl cannot be pardoned. We already saw nirbhaya suffer and the culprits not given commensurate punishment. Human rights are being violated to grotesque proportions and our ineffective legal and policing system is not able to solve or deter such inhuman culprits. I as a citizen of India demand that these culprits be shown no mercy and given death penalty. If they are shown mercy in the name of human rights, legal system, insane condition then we will become a country that tolerates such inhuman culprits and allows them to roam freely to commit such acts again. Death penalty will deter budding culprits and instil fear in the minds of corrupt. these culprits cannot understand human values no matter how much time we correct them they are recidivists and cannot be allowed any latitude in the case.
Secondly, such criminals are the reason for a person to fear begetting a daughter. and the person is right in killing the girl child as anyways she will be killed, raped or molested after she is born.
sir i therefore humble request you to bring these culprits to justice without leniency

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