Create a "Ministry of Majority Affairs" & "Majority Commission" in India ASAP

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In the name of Secularism, Hindus in India now have significantly lesser rights than minorities. But unlike the minorities in India who have an official platform (Ministry of Minority Affairs & National Commission for Minorities), the majority community in India has no such platform which could take up the community's several causes. 

Consider for example scholarships for minorities announced by the Government of India. Why shouldn't there be a scholarship scheme for Hindu children ? Only because they were born Hindus ?

It thus appears, that the Hindus of the world are doomed whether they live in a Hindu majority nation or as a minority. The very minority communities who enjoy special rights in India refuse to grant the same to Hindus in countries where Hindus are minority. (E.g., Imagine celebrating Diwali in Saudi Arabia :) )

This is so even when huge temple donations are used up by the government which doesn't get any share of the donations received by the minority places of worship.

As if this wasn't enough, the way these temple donations are utilized is even more shocking. A part of your temple donation might be going to fund Haj Subsidies or perhaps the Rohingyas

There are several issues specific to Hindus, freeing temples from Government control is one of them

The alarming rate of changing demographics in several districts of India is another

To address these issues, Hindus have no official platform, but only unofficial ones like VHP, RSS etc. Any association with these and one is quickly labelled communal. Those who raise their voice for a Hindu cause, are called "non-secular" and taken on a guilt trip whereby they are even forced to apologize for hurting religious sentiments. 

This must change, Hindus need a Ministry of Majority Affairs & National Commission for Majority Community where they can raise issues concerning the Hindu community without fear of being labelled communal.