COVID-19: Need for Long-term Alternatives (from VIKALP SANGAM)

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While the immediate relief and health measures are absolutely necessary to deal with COVID-19 crisis, it is also crucial to put into place long-term measures that will (a) significantly reduce the possibility of more such disastrous spread of diseases and (b) significantly enhance the ability of communities to deal with such eventualities. 
We believe that the survival and sustainability of this planet lies in the adoption of values of dignity, equality and justice for all species, genders and social categories. This should reflect in the rejection of all policies and practices that cause destruction, exploitation and discrimination and injustice against any living being.
National strategies and frameworks in all sectors must be focused on human and environmental health.

the measures we strongly recommend are: 

1.    Put a moratorium on all diversion of natural ecosystems for infrastructure, mining, and commercial purposes
2.    Prioritise and facilitate community health systems and public health sector, integrating multiple (traditional and modern) health systems
3.    Promote ecological designand sensitivity in all development and livelihoods
4.     Support farmers to shift to organic, biodiverse farming.
5.    Strengthen self-governance through gram sabhas, area/ward sabhas
6.    Strengthen local, self-reliant economies to revitalize rural and urban communities, and reduce distress-related migration
7.    Redesign urban and semi-urban settlementsto minimize necessary mobility and crowding

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