Compulsory military service can give Indian youth a sense of discipline and patriotism

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Respected Sir

Today everyone is so demanding that they almost forget their duty towards Nation and Society. Youth has no idea about their potential which can build our country, and all this is because lack of discipline, maturity and patriotism. Again because youth really have no idea about condition of border and military soldiers who are protecting us all.


The following countries and colonies (according to Wikipedia) have been identified as having both compulsory and voluntary military service:

·         Bermuda.

·         Burundi.

·         Cape Verde.

·         Colombia.

·         Kuwait.

·         Mali.

·         Mauritania.

·         Singapore.

·         Switzerland

·         Israel


1) Compulsory military service irrespective of gender can give person a sense of discipline and patriotism.

2) The army also offers numerous basic as well as higher education. Compulsory military service should be completed anytime before age of 25. The training period can be of 12-24 months depending on which branch the person shows a capacity for. After military training, the person should be given a choice of joining the armed forces or living as civilian.

3) It’s definitely a good idea to have a well trained civilian as well as a trained army as there is currently no shortage of soldiers, but a shortage of educated officers. The educated youth don’t really prefer the army as a profession as they know they have another platform for their talent.

4) Anything comes free has loosen its value, same thing happened with our freedom, Youth forgotten the sacrifices of our freedom fighter as they are taking everything for granted.

I therefore request the hon’ble Prime Minister to step in and bring about much needed reform and consider this proposal for disciplined and matured youth of India.