Compensate passengers for train delays

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Dear Prime Minister, Indian Railways has seen a turnaround in recent years under your able leadership in terms of safety. The number of accidents has considerably gone down however the punctuality has been compromised. At the time this petition was being written, 66% of trains were running delayed(as per

Dear Prime Minister, as you know railway is the major mode of commute in the country where every stratum of society uses this service, it is imperative that trains run on time. Delayed trains lead to people reaching to work late and sometimes missing the work as well, students missing their examinations, travellers missing their onward buses/trains/flights and so on. Delayed trains cut short leaves of long-distance travellers as well. Delays also impact the overall productivity of the country eventually impacting the economy.

Dear Prime Minister, you are urged to think about the pain and suffering millions of citizens are going through and put an end to the same. Since millions of people suffer in trains this way, despite paying the full fares, it will be fair on their part if they are compensated for the loss of their time and the harassment they go through due to train delays. There are laws in the country to compensate the consumer of various services in case of unavailability or inefficiency of the service provider.

Dear Prime Minister, thus, you are requested to frame laws to compensate the passengers for delay of trains. Here is an illustration: A 1 to 2 hours of delay is permissible but for more than 2 hours of delay the passenger should be returned back 1/4th of the fare paid. For a delay more than 4 hours, the fare to be returned back should be 50%, for more than 6 hours 75% and for more than 8 hours delay entire fare should be returned back.  Any delay beyond this should attract monetary compensation starting ₹5000 per passenger apart from 100% return of the fare.

Dear Prime Minister, you are earnestly urged to think about the sufferings of millions of your countrymen, make a statement about the same in Parliament or present bills, and you will certainly get the support of all the elected representatives in this matter.