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In Today’s fast evolving modern world one can never overemphasise the importance and effect of schooling/education on the society and its constituents - the people.
Our education system today gives us knowledge and training in various aspects and areas of our life - be it maths, history, sciences or even etiquettes and civic duties for that matter. Basically most humans (who form a part of civilised society) need to be trained in most areas of our life. Someone has to tell us what is acceptable in a given society and what is not. most education and training happens by watching and observing people in action but there are still several crucial aspects of our life where we need to be trained. Health, hygiene, civic duties, moral responsibilities and laws are some of the areas that have gained acceptance over the period of time and have now come to form a part of the education system as an integral course curriculum.
However, one important area of human social life that has still remained ignored - and for quite sometime now - has been human relationships (or marriages - to be more specific). Nobody tells us how to behave in marriages. What to say, What not to say. What to expect and what to demand. How to treat your spouse/partner. These are areas which are largely ignored and have seemed to escaped attention of the lawmakers so far. So, while we have laws to tell us what is a criminal or a punishable offence, we have no model guidelines for a couple in a society which even today looks down upon counselling and shrinks as something meant for lunatics and mentally challenged. All we do have is stickers and quotes floating around on social media and the internet whose authenticity and workability itself is most of the times suspect.
The average life of a human today is pegged at 75 years and more than two-thirds of this time is spent in some relationship or the other. We win some and we lose some. A happy relationship leads to success and happiness in almost all spheres of life whereas a broken or a bad relationship almost always leads to unhappiness and bitterness not only in our life but also others who come in contact with us and the result is an unhappy, broken and bitter society.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew the rules of the game before we started playing it. If we knew what to expect and what to accept even before we got on to the court. If we didn't really have to rely on hit and trial (or trial and error) method, at least in the sphere of our relationships. If there were some knowledge or information imparted to our young and impressionable minds, when we were still willing to learn and to accept, about how to make relationships work. Just imagine all those happy, smiling and content faces around us. A society that is truly happy and free. Free from fears, from broken hearts, broken relationships and bad blood around us.
Through this petition, I call upon you my friends to be a catalyst in this shift. We petition the government to introduce a chapter/lesson on happy and successful relationships - in the 9th standard - at the school level itself so that our next generation stops playing the guessing game on relationships and how to maintain them.

If you want your children and the coming generations to experience happier, wholesome and fulfilling relationships and if you agree with the views in this post, PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR WALL AND SHARE AND TAG YOUR FRIENDS.

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