गौ माता राष्ट्र माता

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Dear Sir, 

Everyone is talking about beef ban to stop cow killings. I understand the feelings and emotions of People as since our childhood we are respecting cows as our mother, so I also support ban on cow killing.

I am happy that our central and many state goverments are against cow killings and making strict law against it. 

But my concern is,  everyone is thinking only about beef ban but what are we doing to take Care of our cows ? We have heared about some incidents where thousands cows died a painful death in absence of food and water, so with banning beef government should also start some schemes to promote cow dairy farms and gaushalas and should also make sure that these dairies and Gaushaulas properly taking care of them. Government should also focus to save Indian cow breeds(Desi cows) because only indian breed cow's milk,  urine can be used as medicine.

In my opinion our religious guru should come forward and take responsibility of taking care our mother cows.