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CHANGE in school education in India

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I, like so many others, did my school education in India. We were taught about many things about Indian history and the world wars and world history.

What we didn’t know, didn’t learn or read about were the magnificence of the Indian culture since the beginning of civilisation. The contributions and discoveries and most importantly, the inventions of Indians that have  changed the way of life for the world- like the zero, for example.

pr anything about India’s place in the global scene- how dominant it was.

we learnt nothing about how advanced our civilisation was -like Indians were the only ones who knew how to make zinc so zinc was only made in India for the whole world until the Chinese did a sleight of hand and got  the method.

Or how the kings from the South went to countries like Malaysia and spread the great Indian tradition.

nor did we hear anything of how and why we were colonised and what happened as a result. Enough books have been written on the subject so everyone knows the facts!!

The courage and deeds of our brave soldiers in the face of extreme terror and danger are also to be learnt as stories so we and our next generations can feel the pride and also imbibe the values from the armed forces of our country. 

its high time we spoke read and learnt about our own country along with its rightful place in the world and with the pride that’s due!!

The loss is ours- you have the will and the means to change it, Mr Prime Minister.

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