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Casting a vote in absence of Political Maturity

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Reduction in Voting Age from 21yrs to 18 yrs.

I am surprised that present Govt under Modi's Regime is continuing same folly/ blunder committed by the previous UPA regime. About 20 yrs back, the UPA govt led by INC party has brought the Amendment to the Voting Act and reduced the Voting Age from 21 to 18 yrs with a selfish view of encashing the Vote Bank from the upcoming Youth with 18 yrs completed.

At that age, a 18 yrs old youth will be more concentrating on his/her studies, rather than assimilating a good level of understanding of the Nation's Political Affairs and also equipping him/herself with Ideologies/Philosophies/Principles of difft political parties operating in the country. The youth at that age lacks political maturity, in short.

In such a background/situation, if an youth is given an opportunity to cast his/her vote in favor of a particular party candidate in the regular General/ Local elections being held in the country, his/ her Franchise Exercise would not be Effective at all. He/she is likely to be lured by the parties publicity n money offer for one's vote by the contesting parties. With least political Awareness n Maturity, the youth's vote is put to Drain, making the Election Process in the Democratic set up the country a Mockery.Unknowingly he/she( 18 yrs youth) will be instrumental in electing an improper n undeserving candidate.

Hence I make a good Appeal to the Prime Minister, Modiji to give a serious consideration n review of this defective,unwanted n foolish provision of enabling of youth Casting of Vote, immediately after 18 yrs completion. I want the PM of India to repeal this undesirable Amendment to Voting Act n restore the Voting Age Limit to 21 yrs. 

I also appeal the fellow netizens n countrymen to sign my Petition in good numbers so as to influence the PM to restore the Voting Age to Universally acceptable 21 yrs.

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