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Caste based reservation system in India should be stopped.

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Today we are here in the 21st Century where everyone is treated equally. Especially in a country like where vacancy in jobs, universities, colleges, schools etc. are very less with respect to India's population, due to reservation people with merit aren't getting chance to show their capability and are losing opportunities. Reservation system in India started from 1950 and it still continues. Scenario of India during 1950 and 2017 is totally different. People now don't ask other about their caste, and neither discriminate among themselves, unless it has to written in some application. And people are asked to write about their caste because of this reservation system but people go on saying that even now people has write about their caste which leads to caste discrimination which is not the case. I being a student would emphasize on Reservation in education system but my petition is for removal(or reduction) of reservation in all other ground. In India most of the scholarships or student aid is available only to—SCs, STs, BCs, OBCs, women, Muslims, and other minorities. Only about 0.7% of scholarships or student aid in India is based on merit. This shows that how excellence is suppressed under reservation. Reservation should be given to the ones who actually need it and not to the one who belong to lower castes. Today people want to go out from the country in search of jobs and education just because excellence is not given chance in our country. If Caste based Reservation System  in India is removed and replaced with Needy based Reservation System in India then our country would progress with faster rate. Excellence shouldn't be suppressed under caste. I hope everyone would understand my point of view and sign to this petition. 

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