Capital Punishment for individual rape, gangrapes and molestation.

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Prime Minister of India,
Chief Justice of India,
Law Minister of India

Respected Sir,
In India, capital punishment is awarded for murder, gang robbery with murder, abetting the suicide of a child or insane person, waging war against the government, and abetting mutiny by a member of the armed forces. It is also given under some anti-terror laws for those convicted for terrorist activities. The death sentence is imposed only when the court comes to the conclusion that life imprisonment is inadequate based on the facts and circumstances of the case. But NO capital punishment for rapes, molestations. Why?
                Sir, waging war against government is not as heinous crime as an 8 year old girl being raped by a group of devils. Age not being a criterion rape always amounts to heinous crime.
               In Article 19 of the Constitution of Union of India, it is mentioned “movements of PROSTITUTES can be avoided on ground of health”. Let me explain. Who is a prostitute? It’s a term that has been made by us and no one else. A girl raped by 6 men becomes a prostitute. Its we who term her a prostitute. Its we who say she has become “APAVITRA”. Why? Rape means forced sex against the wish of the girl/woman. It does not at all amounts to her being a prostitute. Tagging her with this notion restricts her life, downgrades her image. Constitution restrict the movement of so called “prostitute” but what about rapists? Is there any provision to restrict there movement? NO. They are free to move throught the Union of India and commit more rapes here and there.
              In Saudi Arabia rapists are awarded with stone pelting and there is fear that if you do rape you will  be awarded capital punishment by the public.
               In case of marriage if husband had sex with his wife who is below 18 years that does not amount to rape. Why?

Discriminatory law
1. Statutory exception to rape was violative of right to life, liberty, equality and was discriminatory.
2. The Exception is part of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act of 2013 and is contrary to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012 (POCSO).
3. Law “violates the health of not only the girl child concerned, but also generations to come”
4. A girl under 18 as a child in POCSO, but once she is married, she is no more a child under the Exception 2 to Section 375 of the IPC. This is totally inconsistent.
          Respected sir, In Gulf Countries rapists are shot dead immediately, while in India for such a heinous crime there are trials in courts which go on for years. For all this long time the victim has to suffer from mental trauma of the disaster. I am writing this to change the law to bring the rapists under the ambit of fear that “yes if you do a rape you will be shot dead”.
Sir, until unless a fear is made among rapists and the discriminatory laws are not abolished we can never expect India to be free from rapes.
           As a citizen of Union of India, being a brother of my millions of sisters I request on the behalf of my sisters, mother to declare rapes, molestations under the ambit of capital punishment.

Yours Sincerely,


A Civil Service Aspirant.



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