Campaign for ‘Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act’

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Thousands Set To March From Ramleela Ground to Parliament Street On 25th March Demanding


Scores of youth, women, unemployed and workers from Delhi, Haryana, Bihar and Mumbai to demand ‘Right to Employment’ from Modi Government.

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Various mass organizations across the country are gearing up to demand from the Central Government to include Right to Employment as Fundamental Right in the Constitution and enact ‘Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act’ with immediate effect in view of staggering unemployment levels throughout the country. The organizations have decided to hold a massive rally on 25th of March this year and submit a memorandum along with lacks of signatures to the Modi Government to this effect. Under the joint banner of Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Disha StudentsOrganization, Krantikari Mazdoor Morcha, Delhi State Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union and various other mass organizations, thousands of youth, workers and women are expected to participate in the march to Parliament Street demanding employment guarantee as an act under the name of ‘Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act’. The organizations have been campaigning for the same in Delhi, Mumbai and different cities of Haryana, Rajasthan and Bihar.

It won’t be wrong to regard right to employment equivalent to right to life. But in past few years,unemployment has been a major problem in the society. Various political parties have come to the power and gone but instead of creating more job opportunities there has been a downward trend. However, with the current political dispensation in place, the unemployment has risen to unexpected figures. Instead of doing something on the ground for employment generation, the ruling party’s leaders are adding insult to the injury. In this regard too, PM Narendra Modi is leading from the front. Even selling ‘pakodas’ for rupees 200 per day is now being hailed as employment, by none other than Mr. Modi himself! In the similar vein, Indresh Kumar, member of national council of R.S.S., the mother organization of BJP, brazenly calls begging as part of employment of 20 crore population of this country. Government jobs are rarely created as the public sector is being systematically dismantled. There are thousands of posts lying vacant both under central as well as state government. Even if the applications are sought, the joining gets postponed. Even after spending so much on preparation for the competitive examinations,there is no guarantee of landing up with a job. The time as well as health of the youth gets affected because of the strain involved. Let alone the demand for employment to all, right now even the vacant seats are not being filled by the governments.

 In an answer to a recent question in Rajya Sabha, it was revealed that 4,20,547 posts under Central Government are vacant. According to Cabinet Minister jitendraPrasad,10 lakh teachers in primary and upper-primary schools are presently needed; 5,49,025 posts in police department are lying vacant; besides, there are 6000 vacant posts in 47 of the central universities while 63000 vacant posts in 363 state universities.  Apart from that more than 2 lakh new doctors are required in 36,000 government hospitals alongwith 11,500 psychologists. The minister even admitted that 9.13 lakh of population was unemployed in 2013 which increased to 10.97 lakh in 2014 which further increased to 12.22 lakhs. With the implementation of ‘Demonetization’ and GST a large part of the working masses in Delhi were severely affected.  AamAadmi Party too had promised to fill the 55000 vacant posts but without any effect. All the electoral-political parties seem to be following the same policy.

The demands raised are-

1. Every citizen must be given equal and free education and permanent employment by the government and Right to education and employment must be brought under the fundamental rights through necessary constitutional amendments.

2. The government must enact ‘Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act’ with immediate effect. Every citizen of employable age residing anywhere in India must be guaranteed permanent employment. In case of unemployment, a sum of Rs.10,000/month must be given as unemployment allowance by the government.

3. Contract system in perennial nature of work should be completelyabolished.Those working on contract basis in government departments must be made permanent.

4. The qualified candidates in various examinations held by central as well as state governments must be instated forthwith.

5. The vacant posts of central and state governments must be filled as early as possible by conducting qualifying examinations.

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