CAA is not applicable to any foreigner/Refugee in Assam who entered after 24th March 1971.

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Respected Sir, 

This is to inform you that we the indeginious citizens of Assam voted you with full heart in 2014 parliamentary election, 2016 Assembly election and 2019 again in parliamentary elections for the sake of development not for devastation of our community . Sir, we never expected that your government will take steps which will hurt the sentiments of entire Assamese communities except those few who are bound to follow your party rules. Sir, we totally understand from your point of view why CAA is important and its basis to safeguard our state votebank by the ideology of hindutva. But the most important thing is which is very clear-->

--We Assamese people demand you to fulfill every clause of Assam Accord, 1985, not only clause 6, which was signed after six years long movement which was signed after martyr of 855 people.

--We Assamese people demand you to eradicate all foreigners/refugees from our state who entered after the midnight of 24th March 1971.Your cut off date 31st December 2014 should not be applicable for CAA in Assam, instead it should be 24th  March 1971.No matter where these Hindu Bangladeshis get citizenship as per CAA but not in the soil of Assam.


Last but not the least, Sir opposing you doesn't mean we are supporting your rivals. So, please be humble, ego free, open hearted to understand our cries directly from us, please don't follow feedbacks of crocodiles type corrupted leaders who is leading your party in Assam.


With Regards, 


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Drafted by-

Plaban Dutta( Dibrugarh)