Bring Hinduism Back In India's School Curriculum

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President of India & Prime Minister of India:

Hinduism has been deceptively taken out of the education system in India. It seem strange considering India is predominantly a Hindu nation? Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and Hinduism is what made India from the beginning of existence. Other religions can be taught and replaced by Hinduism but Indian schools oppose the history of Hinduism.

If Hinduism gets erased, then India will lose its morals and it has been showing. Hinduism is the glue and foundation, the very backbone of the nation. Without Hinduism not only is India lost but the world is lost.   

Indian textbooks are not only bias, but it discriminates against the majority religion in India, Hinduism, and sadly, minority religions are in textbooks.  Hinduism has been deceptively and deliberately taken out of the school textbooks. The textbooks are full of Moguls and other minority religions, but not a word mention about Ram or Gita?

Even factoring in that majority are Hindus. Logically, being a secular country, is this fair? Where is equality. Hindus have always been egalitarians and peaceful people so this is totally unfair.  The majority students who are Hindus will grow up without knowing their own heritage. How are students able to show their pride for the country.

Covering minority religions and ignoring Hindu heritage, doesn't it seem like a conspiracy? Rama not mentioned once but Moguls 100 times?  Mr. Narendra Modi, we need you to bring back Hinduism back in the education system.

As concerned well-wishers, I, along with the following supporters urge the Government to review this discrimination.  We the people demand Hinduism back in the school syllabus.  Thank you.

Renee Lynn ~ Voice for India