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Subhas Chandra Bose the iconic hero of not only Bengal and India but of all freedom loving people of the world is the pioneer of wrenching freedom from the British rulers.He was an emotion as well as an inspiration, an ideal with his immortal clarion calls "Give me blood I shall give you freedom"or "Delhi cholo". No one before and after him was so direct and so passionate in his call to dive and dedicate souls for the mother land.


We are yet to show our greatest respect to this great leader who took a significant role in world politics in his time.It will be an appropriate motion if the govt of India celebrate his birth date(January 23) as  "National Hero Day" or  Desh Nayak Diwas call liked it Nehru's birthday as "Children's Day" or our ex president Dr. Radhakrishnan's as "Teacher's Day". 


A judicious and unbiased consideration to this 'unsung hero' shall lift the face of our freedom fighters to sublimity.