Banning Loudspeakers for the Collective Good of the Community

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Students are perturbed by the high volumes of loudspeakers put up in localities. It makes them lose focus during the precious preparatory days for examinations. The Cabinet Ministry has to offer a solution to this or else the whole future of the country is on the line. Everyone must've experienced the agony students feel when disturbed at the times of studies. It could be you, your child, a younger sibling or even a neighbour! The unhealthy and sick, too, aren't entitled to calmness and quiet. The rambling noise itself is a portrayal of hard, unmanly souls. The laws enacted for the silent zones around schools and hospitals have not been properly implemented. We want no Noise pollution; we also don't want students and patients to suffer! Think for the community and not about self interests. You sure want to live in a calmer, quieter and not-so-loud environment. Wake up, India!