Banks should be empowered to publish list of defaulters to save themselves and the nation

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The Nirav Modi scam has  shaken the entire nation. A day after, the Kothari scam has surfaced. Earlier, the Vijay Mallya rocked the country. These are a few examples which has resulted in tarnishing the images of Banks and bank employees. Besides, the banks and country suffered great financial loss. "A stitch in time saves nine," needs to be implemented here. The banks seem to be helpless before these big names and wait till everything is lost or goes beyond their control. The excuse is the Fudiciary relationship barring the banks from taking such a step. In case the government is really interested in transparency and honesty, it should make necessary  amendments in the law to empower banks to publish the names of big defaulters so as to stop them from living respectable life at the cost of public money. 

All the defaulters can not be allowed to leave the country to escape repayment .They can  not live comfortably once their names are made public. The politicians will also hesitate to help them. Moreover , once they are defamed they will not be able to bribe the concerned officials.

Hence , my humble request to the PM to make necessary amendments to the law to enable banks/RBI/IBA to make the names of big defaulters public.