Banker arrested for failure of administration in controlling a mob!

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Respected Sh Modi ji,

This is regarding the news of arbitrary arrest of a Branch Manager of Kahnuwan Chowk, Gurdaspur branch of some Bank, on 9th April Thursday, at the personal instance of the Deputy Commissioner, Gurdaspur, and the news item carried by the newspaper’Tribune’ in its 10th April issue under the caption” Banker detained for failing to enforce distancing norms”.

The fault of the Manager, apparently seems to be that he was unable to ensure the social distancing of customers queuing up to be served in front of his branch.
Under such circumstances, this particular Branch Manager or for that matter any other Branch Manager, normally had two alternatives viz either to close his branch in protest by warning his waiting customers that he was doing so since they were not following the required social distancing norms or to have the facility of adequate security/police arrangements for enforcing it, though every branch does not have the luxury of Bank provided security personnel.

However, in the former case, he ran the risk of his branch being vandalised by the mob of provoked customers or likely to being pulled up by higher authorities for disrupting the provision of essential services. Whereas for the latter case/ solution, the Deputy Commissioner, while appreciating the difficulties and constraints under which this, his fellow front line warrior of Covid-19 war, was also fighting, could have easily provided him with the necessary police arrangements, instead of proceeding to teach him a lesson and making a public display of it, by summarily ordering his arrest and dragging him to his office in the police vehicle escorting the DC.

Alas! This kind of a system too, Covid-19, seems to have wrought about In its wake! In the name of fighting it, some officials having got almost absolute administrative powers, seem to have simply gone berserk, so to say, in cavalierly and  irresponsibly using these powers. And sometimes, even if not for any other, than just for indulging their ego, go about harassing and publicly humiliating ordinary citizens, even including those who are also similarly engaged in providing essential services to our distressed society.

Are we then already really having a state of undeclared constitutional emergency, abrogating all our basic fundamental rights and absolving the powerfuls from their all and every accountability! Is making our system justice-compromised the only way to keep us from becoming immuno-compromised! If so, then one day we all would certainly become victims of auto-immune malady! By the way, what are these incidents of high-handedness, if not already the emerging symptoms of it!

Yet, the least that the DC concerned can now still be made to do, is to immediately withdraw the case against the wronged Branch Manager and try to sooth his hurt emotions and to repair his tarnished public image in the selfsame manner- ie by tendering him a personal apology in public! Thank heavens that here I’m not talking about the instituting of legal remedies against the DC for the wrongful detention of the BM, which could otherwise run into staggering consequences against the errant official in any civil and law respecting society.

Therefore, kindly ensure an early, timely and appropriate action to deter any other arrogant power drunk official mulling similar abuse! In fact, a more disgraceful instance of humiliation and manhandling of a banker at the hands of Police in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, has also come to notice!

With Respectful Regards,

Yours Sincerely,
Ahlawat KS