Announce 14th Feb as Pulwama Day to honour the martyr who laid down their lives for India.

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Dear Sir
I have seen the public outcry and solidarity of our people against the heinous terrorist act which happened on 14th Feb 2019. I know our response to the enemy will be calculated and it will take some time. But, I also know that this incident will be forgotten soon by the common man who will get involved in daily routine. I don't want the sacrifice of our Jawan's to be forgotten. This incident should be inscribed in the Indian history as starting point of the Indian operations to decimate terrorist, insurgents and their handlers; both Inside and outside our Motherland. Henceforth, the memory of this incident should bring back the JOSH in our future generations and terror in JAISH like organization. And, this is only possible if we give national importance to this day and declare 14th Feb as PULWAMA Day. I humbly request you consider it.

Jai Hind
Shyam Yadav