Adult Content is only for Adults, not Children. PLEASE SAVE OUR CHILDREN

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Please permit Young minds of our country to peacefully enjoy Childhood. They are the future of India and our INDIA needs Scientists, Judges, Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Astronauts, Noble Laureates, and Leaders & Socially Responsible Law Abiding Citizens (Good Human Beings). We don’t want our Children to become Rogues, Eve Teasers, Rapists, Murderers, Law evaders, Corrupt Leaders, Culture spoilers, Porn Stars and Violent individuals.

Children should not be exposed to age inappropriate material displayed in VISUAL MEDIA (Movies, Internet, TV programs), PRINT MEDIA (News Papers, Magazines, Posters, etc.) & LIVE SHOWS (Reality shows, dance shows, etc.) 

1.    Children under age of 18 years must not be permitted into Movies with “A” rated movies (Adults only movies) & Children under the age of 12 years must not be permitted to watch U/A rated movies. Young children (less than 12 years) must be permitted for “U” certified movies only.  

2.    “A & UA” rated movies must not be telecast / streamed on Television, under age children may be at the risk of watching these age inappropriate content and material. 

3.    Censor Board / Central Board for Film Certification / Film Certification Appellate Tribunal must strictly ensure that anything and everything that may potentially be dangerous for Children (including but not limited to Obscenity, Violence, Nudity, Vulgarity) – must not be certified as “U” rated content. 

4.    Request the Government of India to constitute a “Censor Board” for Television Channels, Print Media and Advertisements. This regulatory body must regulate the content aired on TV / Visual Media, including Advertisements. 

5.    Film actors posing/acting “Nude / Semi Nude / Obscene / Vulgar” must be strictly prohibited in online, visual and print media and severely punished for spoiling the minds of children. Adult content must be made visible only for Adults and not for Children. 

6.    If any Crime / Rape / Child Abuse / Eve Teasing / Acts of injustice / Illegality are instigated by Movies & its Actors, they should be held accountable and responsible. They should be punished severely for spoiling the Minds of Citizens and innocent Children. The instigators of the Crime must be more severely punished than the Criminal is the Law of the LAND. 

7.    Pornography of any form must be completely banned. Pop ups displaying Pornographic material and Adult content during regular internet surfing and watching online media has absolutely no regulation whatsoever and many young children are exposed to Adult content. 

8.    Adult’s only programs / movies are definitely required for Adult audience. They can be telecast on Television only after 10 PM in the night.  

9. Some campaigns are being created by selfish and non patriotic communities to "Ban Censor Board and CBFC". It's a shame that these people are unable to differentiate between Adult and Child content, We the Parents of India plead NOT DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEIR REQUEST as our Children will be facing a huge risk otherwise.

We the Parents of India are 100% sure that; if our Children are exposed to “Age Appropriate” content and positive influence, they will return the favor by transforming India into a SUPER POWER very soon! 

Thanking You 

Sincerely Yours  

Parents & Responsible Citizens of India (18 Yrs. and above)


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