Adequate Protection Equipment(PPE) for Doctors and Nurses attending Corona Patients

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Doctors,Nurses and Paramedical staff attending on Positive COVID 19 and Suspected COVID 19 patients don't get adequate number and quality PPE(Personal Protection Equipment).If we lose 20-30 % of them by getting infected,the battle against CORONA  is already lost.The people who will replace them will be less expert and less trained.Mr Prime minister must make sure increased,fast and indigenous production of PPE,and if not possible,ensure importing PPE's

PPE is very important tool which  covers the person from head to toe and  provides sfety against getting infected,when Health Professionals and Workers go closer to the infected CVID 19 patients in order to give medication and monitor their medical condition

All the doctors,Nurses and Paramedical staff particularly in Govt sector are doing wonderful job of saving people,but they are being treated inhumanly by Health Authorities .They get very poor quality PPE and that too once in3-4 days,whereas they should get it daily. We should consider them Human Beings rather than clapping for them and making them national heros ,but in actuality  rendering them no more than The Sacrifising Goats !!!!

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