Addition of some acts of crime to PCA Act,1960 or a new animal law with following points

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Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

My submission is as follows;

India is a country of Lord Buddha, Sri Chaitanya, Swami Vivekananda and so on, In Hinduism all god and godesses have animal carriers. In Islam his holiness Hajarat Muhammad was a real animal lover as we can see in related scriptures But now a days we are watching with the advancement of knowledge and civilisation some people are becoming unsympathetic and inhumane towards animals. They express their frustration on companion animals like dog and cat.. Also to be a local honcho they kill or torture dogs and cats brutally Somewhere they pour acid on dogs which slips their skin on ground, somewhere they destroy their eyes, legs or their puppies. Sometimes puppies are burnt alive in front of mother dog.Meat sellers or other take dogs from road to mix dog meat with mutton, none can penalise them for no appropriate section in animal law. As all are aware that dog is a carrier of Kalvairab god and such infliction of pain to them hurts our religious sentiment. So is the position in case of cats also. Thery are brutally raped, boiled water is thrown on them, drivers of car make them paste on road. Few persons abandon pets after business or for their old age or when they become ill.There is no law to punish in case of abandonement of pets. The provisions of PCA Act,1960 can not address the ctuelty as amount of fine is so meagre. Animal feeders are harrassed by common people and even by political leaders and extent torture sometime claims a life also.Few animal lovers keep sick, abandoned and tortured dogs and cat for treatment in their own house or shelters but there is also public chaos for vested inyerest. Since a wave animal activism is on rise,so sentiments of crores of them is hurt regularly causing mental stress of animal lovers. Some prople rehearse their cruelty on animals to become a dreadly criminals. Some people think that they have no right to live on this earth. Relocation of stray animals specially dogs and cats must be made a cognizable offence. Post mortem of their dead bodies may be withdrawn as they are not humans hence vet's certificate on cause of death with video clipping, if any may be made sufficient.

During lock down for Covid19 thousands of animal lovers came out on roads to feed stray animals on your plea on television.
So a comprehensive law for stray dogs and cats may please be enacted to help them live and to make a cruelty free society.