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Respected sir,

1. The Nation wants to highlight the following points for your perusal and necessary action please:-

 A) Everyday soldiers of our country are dying, if such is the rate of mortality of the soldiers, the days are not ahead, when our motherland may bleed with the shortcoming of soldiers

 B) Some anti social elements in India are continuously trying to degrade the sanctity of Armed Forces

C) There is a unbearable curiosity among the rural and urban youth population to get a chance to wear the Defence uniform and serve the nation

D) Why only the Soldiers of Armed Forces take oath on the name of God to bear allegiance and serve the nation till the peril of his / her life wherever posted whether Land , sea or air,  when it is the collective resposibility of every citizen

2. In view of the above circumstances, the nation is feeling proud to serve the nation for atleast a minimum period of 5 years among abled and youth population  like some developed countries. How these would help in mitigating the above points are enumerated below for your perusal .

A) Making compulsory service would bring a sense of responsibility among every citizen to save the motherland


B) Every citizen would understand the pain of the soldiers serving on awkward climatic conditions from high altitudes to high seas ignoring their lovely families

C) Uphold the dignity ,sanctity morale of Armed Forces

D) This would enrich the nation interms of security, soverignity, integrity and diplomacy of the country 

E) This would enable the nation to deal with any dangerous situation like terrorist attacks , National disaster like cyclone, floods, avalanches etc

F) The Strength of a nation is always measured on account of the strength of Armed Forces

G) Who would not like to priviledged to be wrapped with Indian Tri colour on his/ her martyerdom

H) This will the only major policy decision in the history of independant India after Independence

I) Our country would be recognized by world diaspora to be a " Armed Forces Nation"

J) Just imagine, when a group of soldiers shouts in the Defence Parade ground , it shakes the entire city, then what would be the fate of Pakistan when the entire armed forces of the nation marches towards the Borders

3) No doubt, if the above is implemented in letter and spirit, India will be the strongest democracy in the world and no country would dare to glare India with malafide intention and the recent  barbaric attack by Pakistan on our soldiers would never be repeated in the Hisory of India.

4) In view of the above, it is requested to legislate a law or pass an ordinance to this effect for which the nation would always appreciate your endeavour