100% Literacy in India

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Mr. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Respected Prime Minister Sir, 

Digital India is the perfect initiative to take us to the 22nd Century, faster and better than the rest of the world. 

Our Demographic dividend too is so appropriately identified by you as the primary engine of our growth. 

A substantial portion of our population is deprived of even the basic human skill of literacy, even until now, after seventy years of our Independence. 

It hasnt been uncommon across civilizations and nations that younger men and women are drafted to protect and uphold the security of the nation. If you will consider a war-footing priority to expand the Demographic Dividend and bring everyone in the fold of the gift of the skill of literacy, a simple draft that any graduating student shall have to compulsorily do a project to impart literacy to at least five people will do the job of transforming India into a 100% literate nation. 

Your ability to inspire masses is unprecedented in modern history. You stand tall as not being merely a political leader but a leader of the people.

Sincerely we look forward to a firm decision from you that creates a naton-wide resolve to uplift our entire society in a single stroke of work that can be achieved in less than a year.

Swacch Bharat Mission when complemented with Saakshar Bharat will create a society that is unparelled in the history of this world. This is achievable easily.

Whether the logistics work out by cajoling media houses to run campaigns or if every Government Department encourages it employees to take up this social work which would transform India on one hand and accord love & respect from the masses to a person in the employ of the Government are minor details.

Whether it would be appropriate to issue directions to every District Magistrate to collate data of illiterate individuals in his / her district and upload them on a website,  where willing volunteers can register as well so that matching of literacy tutors and students can be done are again minor detail for the very efficient institution that the Prime Minister's Office in India today has become.

Whether you choose to announce that the top one thousand literacy coaches will be made to attend the next Independence Day celebration at the Red Fort with you is also just one minor idea for a giant mind and a gigantic doer you have been for India.

Let us make this petition brief and conclude here by leaving just two questions on your table:

a) Can anyone doubt the enormity of the value addition to a human life that can be provided with literacy?  

b) Can anyone doubt the enormity of the nation building value if each and every Indian will have the ability to read & write?

If the answers to both these questions are No, we have put a point across to you sir.

It has been said :

विद्या नम नरस्य रूपामधिकम प्रच्हन्न गुप्तं धनं

विद्या भॊगकरी यश: सुखकारी विद्या गुरूणाम गुरु: |

विद्या बन्धुजनॊ विदॆशगमनॆ विद्य परं दैवतं

विद्या रजसु पूज्यते नहि धनं विद्या विहीन: पशु: ||

Knowledge is the attribute that truly enhances the beauty of every human. It is the unlocks the hidden treasure in every person. Through knowledge, one can enjoy every facet of happiness in a glorious way. It is the source of every success and also it can turn any person the guru of gurus (India has to be the Vishv-Guru and every Indian must be party of this journey, now). During foreign visit, knowledge is our kin. Only knowledge is worshiped and not wealth. One who doesn't posses this knowledge is truly an animal.

Therefore sir, we urge, a war footing priority is accorded to a Saakshar Bharat Mission. Jan Bhaagidari be inspired thoroughly through your charismatic relationship with the masses and let us undertake a resolve that by the next Independence Day, i.e. 15th August 2018 we shall be almost a 100% Literate Nation. 

There are many small and big initiatives from various departments and related ministries that have been around for a good time on this need of the nation. Yet, none of them have found the zeal, zest and motivation that you bring to any initiative if you take ownership. This petition is truly seeking you to own a dream for India, that none of your countrymen will be seen asking anyone else to read a letter addressed to them, ever again. 

We petition you to take ownership of this dream and lead us from the front. Trust millions will join you to ensure 1.3 Billion Indians are all literate, then. 

Jai Hind! 

Vande Mataram!