Protest against France government and its ministers

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The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the most sacred thing in Islam and whoever attacks his honour, attacks an entire community of muslims.we must respect Moses (Hazrat musa A. S) among the Jews, we must respect Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa A.S) who is our prophet too, and we must respect the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him."Visual representation of the prophets is strictly forbidden in Islam and to ridicule or insult the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is punishable by death in some muslim should understand that"Insulting religions and prophets is not a matter of freedom of expression, but rather promotes a culture of hatred," Offending Islam and its Prophet cannot be tolerated by any muslim.By doing such a shamefull and hatred act, france government should know that they have crossed a red line and all the muslims of the world are united now and they condemned france ministers comments.Calls to boycott French goods are growing in the Arab world and beyond.join the petition to show your love for Prophet (PBUH).May ALLAH forgive us all and grant hiddayah.Ameen