The Government of Canada needs to fulfill its promise of 40k Afghan Refugees.

The Government of Canada needs to fulfill its promise of 40k Afghan Refugees.

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Prime Minister of Canada and

Why this petition matters

Dear Prime Minister ,

We are a newly formed Non Profit Organization in Canada  known as Rays of Afghanistan inc we aim to give Afghan Human rights, women right activists and journalists and Afghans  living  in Afghanistan a chance to make their voices having them write for our platform and they get income for it.

A lot of those writing for us have heard about your governments plan to bring in 40k afghan refugees , and are asking what is going on with the program, and what is taking so long. 

 In September after you won your re-election, your government promised it would accept 40k Afghan refugees  and invest $350 million to resettle Afghan refugees by 2023. Very admirable, thank you. But since then only  3,750 afghans have settled in Afghanistan.

Your government still hasn't shown a clear path how you're going to bring the other 36250 afghans you promised.

Prime Minister time is of the essence, winter has come, the   WFP has  predicted 95% of the nation is going to go in poverty.

Taliban are showing they haven't changed, our women are being beaten, former afghan army soldiers are being killed, journalists are being silent, ethnic genocide of the Hazara population is happening, women from ages of 15+ or being forced into marriages, girls are not able to go to school..

Please help the people of Afghanistan.

With this petition we are urging you and your government to stand by your promises that you made.

Thank You,

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!