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Petitioning Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harpher

Pressure the government of Burma to stop the murder of Rohingya Muslims

We have been hearing one report after another about the atrocities that are being committed agains the muslim minority in Burma and yet major news outlets have not covered this major even at all in any of their news cycles.

Human Rights Watch has recently reported on the violence in that region which confirms our fears. It is our moral obligation as decent and civil human beings to prevent such grotesque acts of violence and not stand by as an entire ethnic society is being slaughtered.

Letter to
Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harpher
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Steven Harpher.

As you are reading this letter, thousands of Rohingya muslims in Burma are being brutalized and terrorized by the Burmese security forces and locals in collusion with local authorities and the police. The tactics used by these groups are that include beatings, killings and burning down muslim homes and entire villages.

The security forces, under the guise of quelling sectarian strife and violence, have been given the green light by president Thein Sein and have gone on a mass detention spree arresting people with out due process and raiding Rohingya villages, firing on the villagers and looting homes and businesses. Human Rights Watch reported that eye witnesses said that men wielding swords and sticks and are accompanied by the security forces during raids on the villages where they killed and detained villagers. Others reported seing women and children being loaded on trucks and taken to unknown location and were never heard from since.

Human Rights Watch recently reported that close to 90,000 people have been displaced and reside in make shift communities to escape the violence. Also, hundreds have been turned away from the Bangladeshi borders as they were trying to escape the madness. Unfortunately, the Burmese government restricts international access to northern Arakan State where the violence is taking place so no aid can be provided to these areas if need be.

We urge the Canadian government to pressure the presiden of Burma to:

1. Immediately stop the security forces and all groups implicated in these acts of violents from causing more harm to the muslim communities.

2. Allow international aid through the borders and to restricted areas and affected communities and refugees.

3. Allow the UN and the international community to conduct and thorough and independent investigation of the violence and that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

It's time that the international community led by our righteous government took a firm stand against these atrocities and this has to be done as soon as humanly possible before more innocent men, women and children die senseless deaths.



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