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Helping children have both parents.

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I am a mother, stepmom and a grandma. I have watched dad's fight to have their children in their lives. Dad's who were at one point the primary care giver of the children. I have tucked crying children into bed at night reassuring them that one day they can live with both daddy just as much as mommy. I have held my grown son while he cried because all he wanted was to be in his son's life. I have been through all the heartache with many children and dad's.

I have also seen the benefits of a child who may be from a divorced home but has 50/50 parenting time with both parents.My adult son has 50/50 parenting with his son and my grandson has benefited greatly from this. He has two homes, two parents that love him and he feels loved by them not torn or made to chose between them. Children don't understand nor should they the dynamics  of the court system. When shared parenting isn't given the child feels they have to chose from one parent to the next.I have sadly also witnessed this.It is our job to protect children from this. The laws desperately need to be updated here in Canada. Times have changed and mom's don't stay home anymore. Dad's are more involved in their children's lives.Family court is supposed to be what's best for the children, and what is best for the majority is 50/50 parenting.

I am starting this petition because my family is affected daily by this. My partner's children love him very much and want to be a part of his life as much as they do their mom's sadly they can't because their mom doesn't want him to have anything more than what the courts have ordered. He is slowly loosing the incredible bond he once had with his daughters. Please  Help change this law and have 50/50 parenting a given when it comes to divorce and separation. We owe it to our children and our children's children to see to it that they have two loving parents in their lives even if it has to be in separate homes. 

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