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Freedom from Extremism in Canada

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I am Canadian...

...but I no longer know what that means.

This term “Canadian” needs defining now more than ever and if you can find it in yourself to act, perhaps we have a chance. Perhaps it's not too late to lay the foundations for a future that ensures you can spend the rest of your life proud you helped build it. A future that sees you, your children and your children's children enjoying the privilege to sit back and exercise their freedom however they see fit.

I was born into a Canada that was a shining light in this world to any and all who sought freedom from tyranny, oppression and religious dogma. A Canada that was founded on the entrenched religious views of the Church of England, it’s Parliamentary system and divinely appointed monarchy. In the last 45 years I have seen drastic changes to our way of thinking about freedom from religious influence in our popular culture and Government. For the most part, I applaud those changes, but I fear we have been short-sighted.

We created a void in our basic structure by removing our dependence on God and Queen in this country. We then left ourselves open for attack by not filling that void with the necessary convictions and mindset to fend off some other archaic and controlling viewpoint from sneaking in and taking over. Politeness, apathy, political correctness and fear of offending has neatly blocked the vast majority of us from standing up for or to anything in any significant way. There's a saying by Alexander Hamilton (a founding father of the United States) that speaks to this point very clearly, it says "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything". We don't need to legislate specialized protection for each and every social, religious or political viewpoint or make it a crime to abuse any one of them, we just need to treat our neighbors as ourselves and expect the same in return.

I refuse to point to any single influence, religion or political force in this cry for action, but rather I point to the very heart of what makes us Canadian opposed to anything else. We truly are the greatest nation on this planet, a staunch defender of every race, color and creed that comes to us in need. We are a  beacon of hope to this chaotic world, drumming out the message of peace in times of trouble, resolve in the face of adversity and strength in defence of our values and freedoms!

Let's make this the best home and sanctuary from oppression or fear we can, by sending a clear message to those who wield power on our behalf. We will not allow ourselves to fall into the clutches of tradition or zealotry. I no more want the Pope controlling my government than I do the Ayatollah or even the Socialist State.

We CAN do this! Let"s convey a clear message to our elected representatives and the darkest corners of our world:

"However you get here, join us in Canada, a place of peace and freedom. We are a  haven from fear and oppression, so leave your past, it's hatreds and doctrines at the wayside, embracing OUR hard-won way of life and join us in a land of MONUMENTAL OPPORTUNITY AND GREAT FREEDOM!"

We shouldn't feel the need to conform to every hue and cry or to categorize ourselves as part Canadian and part Christian or part Muslim or part LGBT or even part male or female. Being Canadian means we celebrate all that makes us a forward thinking, environmentally aware, unfathomably capable and colossally wealthy country (in so many more ways than dollars and cents). Let's start to seize back our sense of "pride of ownership" in this chunk of planet Earth we call home, no matter how you think we got here or how you think you're leaving it!

We haven't been around for long as a country and won't be around much longer into the future if we keep allowing the growth of localized microcosms of race, religion or political viewpoints to invade our home. If we are to be as one, we must find the common ground to think and act as one without the fear of reprisal from economic sanction, religious zeal or outside political influence.  

Then, let's ensure beyond any doubt that all of our voices from the most minor to the loudest speak in unison on this one clear point:

"WE ARE CANADIAN! We are not Native Canadians or Muslim Canadians or 6th generation Canadians,  just CANADIAN!"

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