Canada silence over Palestinians massacre means acceptance of violence and injustice.

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Mr. Prime Minister, Israeli killing machine has continued its massacre of innocent Palestinians since the "Great March of Return" began on 30 March.

By staying quiet you demonstrate a great deal of harmony towards Israel’s crimes of humanity.  Your silence is against the true value of all Canadians that believe in justice and peace. It is unfair to those unarmed protesters in Gaza who simply marched for their right to return to lands they have been expelled from since 1948.

Mr. Trudeau you have an opportunity to either stand with the innocents or support the aggressors.  Show your leadership on this grave tragedy of Palestinian land theft by the Israelis.

What is happening now in Palestine is an ongoing catastrophe for more than 70 years. Your silence means recognition, it means acceptance to violence, unfairness and prejudice to Palestinians. You and your government has preferred hostility and violations of human rights over peace. You choose to support the barbaric action, reckless and cruel violence and cover-up taken by the Israel over justice. According to Israeli Minister “no one in Gaza is innocent”, so everyone is a victim.

We ask you to openly and bravely condemn the Israeli government for the killing of its own Ingenious Palestinian people. Do the right thing and show your humanity as a civilized, peace-loving nation that care for human rights.

How long Canada will keep its imbalance and blind backing of Israel‘s brutalities and injustice? How many more Palestinians need to be killed? How many will be too many for Canada?

Please sign the petition and support this great cause to bring peace in Palestine