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Clean Energy Access For All: Grameen Installs Over 500 Solar Homes Systems

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Jul 30, 2012 — Grameen Shakti ("rural energy") is one of the social businesses created under the leadership of Prof Yunus and is also under review by the Commission of Inquiry.

*What is at stake?*
* "By the end of the year [Grameen Shakti] will have installed a total of one million solar systems and now has expansion plans to install five million systems by 2015."
* Grameen Shakti (GS) tailors the project to the needs of its customers (the poorest of the poor in rural areas)
* GS places its agents in the rural communities, so it's response time in catastrophic events like floods and cyclones is exponentially faster than traditional emergency services (see the story of Cyclone Sidr)
* GS provides jobs to women and men -- even those who don't have a high school education (see the story of Kohinur)

If the government takes over control of Grameen Bank and the Grameen social businesses, will they still be able to run as effectively?


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