We need government rebates for the new FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitor

All Australians having to deal with Type 1 Diabetes every day of their life 24/7 should have access to NDSS subsidies including the free Freestyle Libre Sensors (or at least partially subsidised similar to other Diabetes equipment).
My Son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 16 years old. He is now 20.
He started using the Freestyle Libre Sensor not long after going on the insulin pump and found much easier and better blood glucose level management. Thank you Abbott for making this sensor available along with the iPhone app to check BGLs.
Once Son has his 21st birthday next year he will no longer receive NDSS subsidy for this sensor or the CGM6 Blood Glucose monitor. He is at University for at least the next 4 years and is unable to have a part time job due to study commitments and dealing with TID symptoms including extreme tiredness.
Based on today's prices, I estimate he will have to outlay a minimum of $245.00 per month + $92.00 per extra sensor if required (around $3000 a year). Sometimes the sensors only last a few days (instead of usual 2 weeks) because they fall off when he catches them on a door, when swimming, playing sport and Qld has very hot weather. We've tried the H2O tape and spraying deodorant on skin before applying sensor, but this only works some of the time. Best of luck with the petition.

Sharon O'Rourke, Hendra, Australia
1 month ago
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