ScoMo and Shorten: stop Communist China from taking over Australia

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The solution:

The Australian Government should start seizing back property owned by Communist China (ChiCom) and ChiCom-affiliated companies. This includes the Ports of Darwin and Melbourne as they are critical to our national security. Communist China is a growing military threat, and we now have too many of our national assets owned by China. They are our trading partners, not our allies.

The Australian Government also needs to bring on a Royal Commission into adverse ChiCom influence on Australia, which include Confucius Institutes’ infiltration of our education system, and ChiCom cyber infiltration and spying. Click here to sign the online petition calling for a Royal Commission into foreign influence on Australian politics.

I was born and raised in Australia, and I love Australia. I believe that the solutions outlined above and similar will go a long way in making Australia great again, for our children's sake.

The problem: My Mum's parents left mainland China after 1949, and my parents left Vietnam after 1975. My parents ended up in Australia because Communism destroyed their lives, destroyed their family's lives, and destroyed Vietnamese society and culture. Whether it's Vietnamese Communism or Chinese Communism, Communism is not good for any society or culture. Most importantly, modern Chinese Communism, like fundamentalist Islam, is incompatible with the Australian way of life.

Australia is a wonderful country, and in spite of its faults, my parents are forever grateful for being welcomed into a free country based on Western values and traditions that have stood against the test of time. For too long however, successive Australian Governments have allowed Communist China to subversively influence Australia and Australian life to the detriment of the Australian people.

My parents didn't escape Communism, only to then welcome it back into their lives. It is now clearer than ever that Communist China is trying to take over our country in increments. Here are some examples in the news:

China now owns 10 times the amount of Australian land it did last year
The $13 billion deal Australians should be concerned about
Silent Invasion: China's Influence in Australia by Clive Hamilton summary

This is not a race or ethnicity issue. This is a national security issue. Follow me (Libby DownUnder) on Facebook and Twitter.

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