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Government to provide 'Safe Spaces' for Christian Australians.

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To the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

We the undersigned, are requesting the Australian Government to fund (using taxpayer monies) Safe Places for Australian citizens who are very angry, very worried, and very traumatised, by past, recent, on-going, and possible future horrific terrorist events occurring here and overseas, perpetrated by so called radical Muslims… and to also provide taxpayer funding for free counseling and free mental health care.

These Safe Places would allow Australians, who are PC crippled and voiceless in a public environment, to vent their anger and frustration in private. The Safe Places would enable them to scream and yell things that would otherwise be considered volatile and inflammatory anywhere else, and which could have them charged under Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Taxpayers (or the Chinese?) are paying for the Australian Government to up-grade security at Parliament House, to make a safer environment for you and all other Politicians, but where are the safer environments for the Australian public? Placing a few cement bollards around Federation Square for security is an insult to the intelligence of a mentally challenged goldfish. Whoever thought that that was an effective security measure must have a single digit IQ and needs to get a grip on the reality of the situation, which covers a far bigger area than just Federation Square.

The Australian Government wrongly, cunningly, and shamefully dis-armed its citizens, and now the criminals have the guns and an unknown number of dangerous unhinged terrorists roam our streets, while Australian citizens are not even allowed to carry Pepper Spray (or in fact any weapon) for their own protection, without facing a possible conviction. If a Government cannot protect its citizens by totally reducing the threat of harm, then NO Government has any right to disarm its population.

Australian citizens are now feeling the added stress and worry of a highly probable major terrorist attack in Australia, which one day the AFP, or indeed any Security Agency, will not be in time to stop. Nobody knows if they, or their friends, relatives or children, will be the next victims.

Therefore, it would be appreciated if the Australian Government will provide Safe Rooms in all major cities for Australian citizens, with Prayer Rooms incorporated for Christians of any Denomination.

Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable reply

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