Copper Mines Tasmania- Vedanta Group - Killer in India

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Copper Mines of Tasmania –( ) mines and treats almost 2.12 million tonnes of ore to produce 23,777 tonnes of contained copper concentrate. This concentrate is transported to Burnie port from where it is exported to Sterlite’s copper smelter in Tuticorin, India. CMT has shoddy operations in Tasmaia,

Sterlite, in India produces 400,000 tonne of cooper per year using the concentrate from Australian Mining company CMT. Sterlite and CMT are business units of Vedanta Resources. CMT is the key supplier of copper concentrate for Sterlite operations in India.

Back In India , Sterlite is known for its shoddy dealings and reckless pollution in India since its inception. 

Within months of commissioning the plant, public complaints started pouring in, with the District Administration and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Boad acting in unison to defend the polluter.

On November 23, 1998, the factory was closed for the first of many times by the Madras High Court, on December 1, a week later, the Madras High Court modified its earlier order and allowed the plant to run.

Supreme court of India got involved and allowed the plant to operate while condemning Sterlite on three key areas. SC agreed that Sterlite polluted, misrepresented facts and operated without licence.For more details please visit the below link,

Sterlite continued its pollution unabated for over 2 decades and planned for expansion in 2018. On March 24, 2018, tens of thousands of Thoothukudi residents flooded the streets of this south Indian coastal town demanding immediate closure of Vedanta Sterlite's copper operations. The wave of opposition, and the intensity of the sentiment on display was not merely against Sterlite, but also against the agents of the state – the district administration, police and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board -- who have done the corporate giant's bidding since the factory was set up in 1998.

The government did not hear peoples grievances, On 22nd May to mark 100 days people marched towards District head office . Police started the violence in Thoothukudi, this has left 13 people dead and around 70 injured. Not only was this tragedy totally avoidable, it appears that the Police have even given hot pursuit and shot at women and children.For more details about human right abuse please check the below link, article/sterlite-violence- video-shows-policemen-taking- aim-and-shooting-protesters- 81744

The people who died are just ordinary people who have been forced to take to the streets, and march to the Collectorate to demand action from an administration that has systematically and for decades failed to enforce the law on Sterlite. The District Collector, the chairperson and member secretary of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, the Secretaries holding the environment portfolios in the central and state governments, the ministers of environment at the state and centre, and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu need to account for their inaction in the face of overwhelming evidence of illegalities, environmental harm and damage to public health.

CMT and its parent company Vedanta causes a poor reputation for Australia globally through its shoddy operations both in Austrlia and in India. CMT's export is the backbone of Sterlite operation in India and we request you to close operations of CMT in Austrlaia and be the guardian of Human Rights across the globe.