" One India" One Law. India Needs to have a Uniform Civil Code.

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India Needs a Uniform Civil Code and it needs to be Implemented.

1.     ALL Indians should be treated as equal.

2.     Modern nations have it.

3.     Real equality among citizens, boost to women's rights, reduction of vote bank politics, modernization of culture.

4.     Uniformity of Justice.

5.     Will Integrate India

6.     Promotes Secularism.

7.     Primacy to gender equity

Article 44 of the Constitution, which is one of the Directive Principles of State Policy, says: “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”

Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has been in favor of implementation of Uniform Civil Code as enshrined in the Constitution.

Back in 1840 The Lex Loci Report emphasized the importance and necessity of uniformity in codification of Indian law, The proponents of a uniform civil code have been campaigning for it even before the independence of India

 I believed that India adopts a Uniform Civil Code and there should be a legislation that would unify India's personal laws that govern matters such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, adoption, inheritance so on as well. As and when Criminal and commercial laws are same for everyone in the country already; the envisaged uniform civil code will homogenize many laws with a common set governing every citizen

A Uniform Civil Code essentially means a common set of laws governing personal matter of all Citizens of the Country, irrespective of the religion. A Common Civil Code must imply that ALL citizens are covered under the same laws.

A uniform civil code that guarantees the same rights is vital to Indian society and its progress. This will make India genuinely secular and help integrate the different communities of communities.

 There have been several debates over the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code but it is the time to act and implement it and we have to come together and raise our voices collectively.

Sign my petition requesting Prime Minister Modi to take the lead and to commit to a strong roadmap to implement the Uniform Civil Code. And this needs to happen now.

 Let Create this NEW Beginning An ERA that will create Faith, Freedom , Equality for every INDIAN